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Evening Routine

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Generally, we cannot control what happens in the middle of the day. However, what we can control is how we begin and end our day. A solid morning routine can increase your productivity, lower your stress levels and improve your overall mood throughout the day. Your most productive work is done in the morning when you are fresh from sleep.

Yet, a successful morning starts in the evening. An organized evening routine should ensure that you wake up rested and eager to start your morning routine.

Do the prep work

In order for you to have time for the activities you want to do in the morning, incorporate in your evening routine prep work for the next day. You want to do all of the annoying little things that you need to prepare for the day in the evening time. This will reduce the number of decisions you have to make, save you energy and time in the morning.

Pick out your outfit for the next day, the night before, and lay it out all neat and ready for you. If your morning routine includes going to the gym or working out, make sure you have your gym bag ready to go as well. Prep everything you need for work, or school – papers, books, ID, pens, wallet etc.

Your morning routine might include working, writing or practicing a certain hobby. Make sure that you have everything you need for your morning activities. Your morning routine is dedicating time exclusively to what you want to do. Try to keep it free of any tedious little tasks.

Arrange time for sleep

The most important element of a successful morning routine is a rested mind in a rested body. For exactly this reason, your evening routine should implement as many elements as necessary to ensure that you get to have an adequately long and peaceful sleep.

Now on average, an adult requires between 6 to 9 hours of sleep per night. This can vary, and each individual has their own sleep “sweet spot”. Identify exactly how many hours per night you need in order for your mind and body to wake up in tip top condition and then stick to your sweet spot.

No technology allowed

In the hour leading up to bedtime keep away from all technology. When you are blasted with any kind of information, whether it is checking your work e-mail or scrolling through facebook, your mind becomes active. The time before you slip into bed should prepare your mind for rest. You want to keep away from anything that will excite you.

In order to keep away from the sweet temptation of technology, put all your electronic devices to charge overnight in a separate room from where you sleep. This will make it much less tempting to play another match of candy crush while simultaneously offering you the satisfaction and security that all your devices will be charged and ready to go by morning.

Food curfew

While a hefty meal will make you drowsy and apparently help knock you out for the night, I highly recommend that you have your last meal 4 hours prior to sleep time. This includes snacks, fizzy drinks, alcohol and of course, coffee.

The reason for this food curfew is simple. Sugary snacks and drinks stimulate your brain and make falling asleep that much harder. Digesting while you sleep gives your body another thing to work on while it should be restoring and resting itself. Not to mention that lying down after a meal contributes to heart burn.

Slow down your mind

If you do need something to take your mind of things and allow for sleepiness to wiggle in, try reading a book. A real book, made of paper; not using your kindle or tablet. Stroking your pet or talking to your significant other, child, parent, roommate is also a great way to unwind and slow down.

Meditation and practicing gratefulness are also hugely beneficial alternatives. Quiet your mind and the rest will follow.

Set your alarm

This is as basic as it comes. However, there is one very important thing regarding this that you absolutely must incorporate in your routine. No snooze button. When that alarm rings in the morning, you want to rise straight up on the first sound. The snooze button will just cut into your morning time and allow for laziness to seep in.

You snooze. You lose.

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